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Covid-19 update

Message about COVID-19 on behalf of the My Sheet Music Transcriptions team.

Dear musicians from all around the world,

We sincerely hope you and your beloved ones are doing well and staying healthy amid this situation which is new, worrisome, and challenging for all of us.

We wanted to update you regarding our response to the COVID-19 state of affairs. At My Sheet Music Transcriptions we are 100% active, and now, more than ever, our mission is to bring music and light to as many homes as possible.

100% active, continued service

We are prepared for this and we will continue taking good care of all customers and transcriptions no matter how long this situation persists. Email and phone lines are fully operational and we want to hear from you!

Remote work for all the team

All our customer specialists, music transcribers, editors, and marketing team are working remotely. The full team is committed to continue all the sheet music transcription services while we stay home and contribute to flatten the curve.

Every cloud has a silver lining

The circumstances might be hard but we are determined to always look at the bright side and make the most out of every situation: use all these spare hours to practice your instrument, put together a small concert for your family, watch some piano lessons online, or learn that song that you have never had the time to learn.

We are thankful to have gathered such a wonderful community of musicians and we thank you for being part of it.

To all our fellow musicians and customers: stay safe, strong, and musical!

My Sheet Music Transcriptions team

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