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New Partnership: Jellynote and Play!

As transcribers, our goal is to create sheet music that is easy to read and interpret. We think it would be great to provide our customers with a very large library of sheet music […]

Partnership with Cantamus

New partnership: Cantamus!

We are very happy to announce our recent partnership with VoctroLabs and their exciting new project! […]

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Finale vs Sibelius

So, the time has finally come? We need to talk about the two rulers of music notation, the ones that have stayed at the top for multiple decades now. […]

6 music practice tips for 2021 - My Sheet Music Transcriptions
Music tips

6 music practice tips for 2021

Learning a musical instrument can be hard… Here you have 6 tips to help you get better results in 2021! […]

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 It sure has been a different year, but music has been there to make us feel better […]

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Transcribe like a PRO – Tips & Tricks

Have you ever wondered how our music transcribers work? Today we’ll share all of their tips and recommendations. Keep reading to discover more about it! […]

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Concert Pitch vs Playing Pitch

Concert pitch vs playing pitch can be a challenge to understand, but don’t worry: today well try to explain it and make it clear for you! […]

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Mis Transcripciones Musicales is here!

Although we are all citizens of the world, not everybody speaks English. That’s why we’ve created Mis Transcripciones Musicales, the Spanish version of My Sheet Music Transcriptions!

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Best Bass Riffs of all time

Do you have any favorites? We’ll give you ours. The forgotten one We do not intend to sound too dramatic, but it is true, the bass might go unnoticed for some people and that is quite a shame.

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Relaxing piano pieces

We give you five relaxing and beautiful songs to play during the quarantine and everyday! […]

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Covid-19 update

We want to update you regarding our response to the COVID-19 state of affairs.

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Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is here! Instead of stuffed Teddy bears, we have a more original idea for you! Read more to find out! […]