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Oriol López Calle (pianist, arranger, composer and general manager).

I was born in Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain. I began
to play the piano when I was 4, taught by my father. At the age of 6 I entered the Professional Music Conservatory of Terrassa, Barcelona, where I began my musical studies. A few years later I began the Professional Grade of Piano that I finished when I was around 17. I was awarded with the Award of Honor in the piano speciality. I also got a piano post-grade, while I was working as a freelance arranger. 

In the last four years of this grade I studied harmony, arranging and composing skills. I arranged my first piece for the school when he I 13. A video of this first arrangement can be found here!
Since then, I have collaborated with many music schools and sheet music publishers arranging and adapting music of all kinds, but especially classical piano music and modern songs adaptations. I have also composed some original soundtracks for short films and documentaries.
As I began my jazz formation when I was 11, I have also made classical music into jazz versions. The bestseller of this section is “Canon in D – Jazz version ”, well known on the internet thanks to the video on YouTube.

I created OLC Barcelona Music early 2011. We have been writing arrangements and audio transcriptions by request for 2 years, with more than 300 works and arrangements written so far – and counting!
Sheet music services are offered in our main website www.sheetmusicservices.com and the main sheet music catalogue can be found at http://olcbarcelonamusic.musicaneo.com, except some unpublished scores.

OLC Barcelona Sheet Music has been collaborating with singers, composers and musicians from all over the world. We has published works by composers and arrangers from the USA, Japan, Colombia, Australia, Israel, Italia, France, England, Georgia, Sweden and Russia.

We use great ear skills, music passion, professionalism and hard work (and Finale 2009!) to write our works. We’re young, really young, and we have some good reserves of spanish humor, aswell as tons of patience and a southern-Europe personality trait. We try to be kind, close, and understanding with our customers, and we also try to make prices as much affordable as possible. 

We’re living in Barcelona, Spain, and we know how complicated the economy can be, trust me. We have a 28% unemployment rate and a 50% youth unemployment rate. We’re lucky to be employed working for our beloved musicians, we really appreciate that, and we try to help raise our country as much as we can. 
There is more: our aim is help to spread the music culture all over the world, but especially in those countries such as Spain or southern countries that mistakenly sacrifice culture investments to pay for their crazily high-debt interests. Music shows, sheet music, art expositions, museum, cinema fees are the first that get more and more expensive, but we try to keep them steady because we don’t want our customers to pay for our government’s incompetence but enjoy the music culture itself. 

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Collaboration: Aina Turull (clarinetist, graphic designer, music assistant)
Collaboration: Jordi Martínez

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