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My name is Oriol, and I’m the manager of this small company. Some years ago, when I was a very young musician I had so many problems to find the right sheet music. Everyone said “Yeah, you’ll find that on the local music shop” or “Sure, you can find absolutely everything on the Internet”. False. Look:

Where is my arrangement for piano from my favourite film? Pirates of the Caribbean? Harry Potter? Titanic? Life is beautiful? Les Miserables?

Where is the sheet music of my child cartoons? Anime songs… I just can’t find a single anime song score.

How to play video-game themes on my instrument? Mario? Skyrim? The Simpsons? Shows?Modern Family? How I met your mother…?

Oh god, I’ve always wanted to play this song, but I’ll never play this by ear. What can I do?

I need the vocal+piano score for this musical as I’ve got an audition next week and I want to sing it.

I’d love to have a jazz version of THAT song. Or just a piano reduction? Maybe an easy version, as I’m a beginner? I have summed up like 20 of the most typical emails I weekly receive.
Are you looking for sheet music and you can not find it? Do you need a particular musical service? We’re here to help you.

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