Super Mario Bros, a classic beyond classics

We all have heard about the Super Mario Bros game, and most of us have played it. The game itself is one of the most memorable games ever done in history, but one thing it cannot exist without is its music: the Super Mario Bros theme has passed both time and space barriers, and almost 28 years later we can listen to the original song and to billions of versions that have been created with the pass of the years.
The original theme took the longest of the six tracks of Super Mario Bros to compose, according to its composer Koji Kondo. He stated that he would write one piece, and the team would put it in the game. If it did not accentuate the action, did not time up with Mario running and jumping, or did not harmonize with the sound effects well enough, he would scrap it. He used only a small keyboard to compose the music. The first theme he made for Super Mario Bros. was based on an early prototype of the game, which simply showed Mario running around a big empty area. Kondo described this early theme as a bit lazier, slower tempo, and more laid back. As the game underwent changes, he realized that his theme no longer fit, so he increased the pace and changed it around to fit better. In an interview, Kondo explained that when coming up with music compositions, they come to him during everyday activities.
It is incredible how the imagination of some musicians, more or less known, has had the power to transform the original theme without erasing its essence, letting us enjoy the original version such as yesterday with all the new concepts that have been added to it.
Here we leave you with a little improvisation on this theme, brought to you by Oriol López:

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