Globus: and heterogeneous group

Globus (under its legal entility, Globus Music, Inc.) is an Immediate Music-owned subsidiary and a Santa Monica-based movie trailer music-inspired band consisting of the mix of producers, musicians and vocalists. The lead composers are Yoav Goren and Jeffrey Fayman, in which this band released their albums under the Imperativa Records label. Their music style is primarily symphonic rock and some elements of symphonic metal.
Globus’ live world premiere took place in The Grand Hall, Wembley, London, on 26 July 2006 and an album was released in August of that year. Feeder’s Mark Richardson is featured on drums.
Globus is known to be a diverse musical group, ranging from grand orchestral arrangements to bombastic symphonic rock. Some world music elements are also used as well as symphonic metal. Some of their compositions have been used as trailer music, such as Preliator, which was featured on the Spider-Man 2 trailer.

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