Oriol López Calle music biography

Oriol López Calle
Founder, manager, web developer. Music arranger and transcriber.
Long story short: The guy who came up with this!

Born in Terrassa, Barcelona in 1993, Oriol studied the Professional Degree and a Postgrade on Piano in the Conservatory of Terrassa. He is a classically trained musician that jumped into the jazz and modern music industry at the age of 17. His professors were Rosa M. Turu in the piano field and Guim Garcia-Balasch in the jazz field. He was taught music theory and harmony by Pere Casas. He has also attended numerous master classes and courses with professors like Miquel Farré, Roger Mas and Marco Mezquida.

Oriol is a multi-genre-eager-to-learn pianist that has taken part in all kinds of bands, including pop, gospel, ska and reggae – although he is now specializing on jazz and soul. He also runs Duo Tocatta, a project that mixes classical and popular music with humor and theatre. Oriol is strongly interested in improvisation and spontaneity as a trigger to the music’s energy flow and communication with the audience.

He started arranging for his music school when he was around 15, so he became interested in spreading his arrangements among any other musicians that could need them. As Oriol also studied an Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate, his entrepreneurship and programming skills prompted the creation of OLC Barcelona music after being rejected by some publishing companies because of his young age. The tiny music catalogue website developed into a sheet music services site after massive amounts of customers were asking for some covers, transcriptions and arrangements by request. Since then, Oriol works 24/7 on My Sheet Music Transcriptions and has been recruiting friends and musicians all over the world to help him out with the project. He’s taken part in various startup and entrepreneurship courses and conferences, and he’s constantly trying to spread the word of his work.

Oriol believes in the diffusion of music, books, and culture as a solution for most of the society problems out there. Creating music out of the blue where there wasn’t music before is a good way to start, and that the task that My Sheet Music Transcriptions works hard to accomplish.

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