Who are we and why are you here?

My Sheet Music Transcriptions was created early 2011 under the name of OLC Barcelona Music. It all began on Youtube, when we detected the need of some musicians to get some songs written down to sheet music. Those musicians, coming from all over the world, watched videos and listened to songs that they wanted to play, but couldn’t find the sheet music or simply didn’t have a trained ear or the time to transcribe the music themselves. If you’re reading this, that is probably you right now. Here’s where we thought that it would be generous to offer our ears and our time to create the sheet music that they were desperately looking for. Audio into PDF. Right? Isn’t that cool?

Oriol, our Founder, happily started the whole thing after a few years transcribing and arranging music on his own. Then more people were needed to do this and that, to help here and there, to transcribe that piano jazz solo or that string quartet, so we slowly became a big musicians family.

We have been writing arrangements by request for 5 years, with more than 400 works written so far – and counting! 

We are all musicians and we always know how you musicians feel when you contact us. You might be concerned about the accuracy of the transcription. That is why we manually and carefully transcribe every single note in your song. In our team, we even have some specialists that are better at transcribing certain genres. We love working on what we’re good at. 
You might be worrying about us not making it to a deadline. It’s OK, we understand, musician’s punctuality is NOT one of the most popular strengths of the profession. However, we have the fastest delivery time online, as we are a bunch of transcribers working together and music can be written from one day to another if you really need to make it to that wedding. 
You also worry about the money. Oh, how can you not. Musicians enjoy the privilege of having one of the most irregular and seasonal salaries around, so we understand that too. That’s why we have the lowest rates on the internet. You’ll see; look around, take your time. We try to make it as affordable as possible so you don’t have to spend an unreasonable ton of money on this, whether if you are a broken music student or a wealthy landowner that wants to spend his money on a new car.

Our philosophy is to tackle every customer’s request with good energy, humor and empathy. Ask us anything. Our goal is to satisfy and exceed your expectations so you can run and tell your friends about it while you play our arrangement. 

Oriol López Calle

Founder, manager, web developer. Music arranger and transcriber.
Long story short: The guy who came up with this!

Born in Terrassa, Barcelona in 1993, Oriol studied the Professional Degree and a Postgrade on Piano in the Conservatory of Terrassa. He is a classically trained musician that jumped into the jazz and modern music industry at the age of 17. His professors were Rosa M. Turu in the piano field and Guim Garcia-Balasch in the jazz field. He was taught music theory and harmony by Pere Casas. He has also attended numerous master classes and courses with professors like Miquel Farré, Roger Mas and Marco Mezquida.

Oriol is a multi-genre-eager-to-learn pianist that has taken part in all kinds of bands, including pop, gospel, ska and reggae – although he is now specializing on jazz and soul. He also runs Duo Tocatta, a project that mixes classical and popular music with humor and theatre. Oriol is strongly interested in improvisation and spontaneity as a trigger to the music’s energy flow and communication with the audience.

He started arranging for his music school when he was around 15, so he became interested in spreading his arrangements among any other musicians that could need them. As Oriol also studied an Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate, his entrepreneurship and programming skills prompted the creation of OLC Barcelona music after being rejected by some publishing companies because of his young age. The tiny music catalogue website developed into a sheet music services site after massive amounts of customers were asking for some covers, transcriptions and arrangements by request. Since then, Oriol works 24/7 on My Sheet Music Transcriptions and has been recruiting friends and musicians all over the world to help him out with the project. He’s taken part in various startup and entrepreneurship courses and conferences, and he’s constantly trying to spread the word of his work.

Oriol believes in the diffusion of music, books, and culture as a solution for most of the society problems out there. Creating music out of the blue where there wasn’t music before is a good way to start, and that the task that My Sheet Music Transcriptions works hard to accomplish.

Marc Sumsi Roig
Music transcriber, arranger
The guy patient enough to transcribe jazz piano solos.

Born in Barcelona in 1991, he studied the Professional Degree at Conservatory of Terrassa (Barcelona) on the speciality of piano, with professors Roser Vidal and Joaquim Villalta, where he finished the studies with Award of Honour of Piano and Chamber Music. After that he studied the Bachelor Degree at Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona with professor Miquel Farré, and he finished this studies in 2013 obtaining the First Prize in the fourth edition of the Extraordinay Awards.
He received lessons from Denis Lossev, Antoni Besses, Alexander Braginsky, Kristiina Juntuu and other renowned masters. He has won several awards, including the first prize in the XVIII edition of Concurs Arjau in Barcelona (2013) and the third prize at the 41st Concurs de Joves Intèrprets de Piano de Catalunya in Vilafranca del Penedès (2010).
He performed in several Music Festivals, including that of the cities of Barcelona, Terrassa, Matadepera and Peralada.
In addition to his studies of piano, he received lessons on composition by composer Benet Casablancas.

He also is interested in Early Music performance, and thus he studied the Master d’Interpretació de la Música Antiga i Musicologia at Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (EsMUC), on the speciality of harpsichord, with professors Béatrice Martin and Luca Guglielmi.
Eric Willy Galobardes
Music transcriber, arranger
The guy that will transcribe even the fastest polka and orchestrate it for you.

Eric Willy is a Spanish composer, pianist and bassoonist. He began his Piano and Bassoon studies at the Professional Music Conservatory of Terrassa, and thereafter he expanded his studies of composition and orchestration at ESMUC (Superior Music School of Catalonia) in Barcelona, with Bernat Vivancos and Carles Guinovart. Aside from working as a transcriber and arranger, he is a Piano teacher, and the 2nd bassoonist of the Sant Cugat Symphony Orchestra.

Georgia Scott
Music transcriber, arranger
The lovely smiling aussie who will never say no even if she has to transcribe a whole symphony

Georgia Scott studied Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium and Composition and Composition for Screen the Royal College of Music, London, where she was supported by the Henry Wood Trust award from 2013-15. In 2011, her piece Train was performed in the Sydney Opera House. In London, Georgia’s works were premiered in the National Portrait Gallery and St-Martin-In-The-Fields and workshopped by eminent composer Mark-Anthony Turnage. Georgia headed a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund recording the score to her ballet The Undercurrent with the acclaimed Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra in October 2015. In addition to working for my sheet music transcriptions, Georgia also works as the Australasian representative for the London based artist management company, Promote Classical.

Past collaborators
We are thankful to everyone that has somehow made this possible.
Elliot Corner
Transcriber, arranger, proof-editor. 
Elliot Corner is an award winning Violist and Composer, who has been working with My Sheet Music Transcriptions since its very beginnings. He has had compositions performed and recorded by a number of organisations, including notably the BBC Singers and has received commissions for both original works and arrangements from all over the world. 

With regards to Aural Skills, Elliot has Absolute Pitch and also Synaesthesia which contribute largely to his work as a professional transcriber and indeed also as a musician. As an instrumentalist, Elliot specialises in Session Playing and Musical Tuition. He currently lives in London, UK and is studying for his Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) at the Royal College of Music.

Leanne Puttick

Leanne Puttick is film/concert/experimental composer and flautist based in Perth, Australia. Leanne is currently a student at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, completing her Bachelor degree. 

Jofre Alemany Casanovas

Laura Corredor Cairó

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