Why transcription software doesn’t work?

From the very beginning we knew that using transcription software was not an option for us. We have a very strong belief that in order to do an accurate transcription service we need the trained ear of a great musician who’s able to deeply and carefully listen to the music and to tell apart the different elements that create a song. I’ll give you a few examples: only a trained musician can distinguish between what’s being played by the right hand and the left hand, if it’s a live song there might be mistakes and we also need then a capable musician to detect those and be able to fix them.

Music tends to be polyphonic, try and think of how a transcription software is going to be able to identify and separate the different instruments or the different voices there are in a song. If you can’t of anything, then the answer is clear: manual transcribing. A professional transcriber is the person that has a deep knowledge of music is going to be able to identify the structure of the song and its different elements.

There is also a very important characteristic of transcribing music that a lot of people may not know: we don’t just only transcribe music but we arrange it. What does that mean? Let’s say a costumer sends us a pop song played by five different instruments which could very well be voice, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums; and asks us a piano arrangement for that song. A transcription software is definitely not going to be able to do that job, we need a professional musician and a professional arranger competent enough to piece together the most important components of the song and turn it into an accompaniment played by the left hand and the principal melody and second voices played by the right hand.

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