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A day with My Sheet Music Transcriptions vol. 1 – Cecília, the Content Creator


 Today we are starting a new series of blog posts where we will get to know behind the scenes at My Sheet Music Transcriptions.

 The first in the row is Cecília, who joined us a few months ago with massive enthusiasm.


Hi – what’s up? Are you ready to meet the CC at My Sheet Music Transcriptions?

Wait, you don’t know what that is? Oh, sure! CC stands for Content Creator. Sorry, sometimes I get TOO creative…


What do I actually do?

Well, so my typical day at the office starts at 9 o’clock after I’ve had a big cup of coffee. I always always always drink my coffee, no matter what. But hey, no sugar or milk in it, I’m all ‘bout health!

Once I’m caffeinated, I usually start by taking care of our dearest YouTube account. I review and answer comments, upload some new tutorials, create nice appealing thumbnails for the videos… Here we like to say it’s a bit like gardening. Little by little, I take care of details so the account grows nice and big. I think the best part is reading people’s stories in the comments. They tell you how they started playing, what a song means to them, or which tutorial they would like. Isn’t that super cute??


Teamwork ruthless debates

Hey, I’m not always working by myself. People love me too. Right after gardening is done, I normally sit with other members of the company to discuss the content they need. It is nice to work with a team! Júlia, Isaac, and I work on the social media plan, deciding what and when to post. Instagram is my favorite social network, probably because photography is totally my thing. I love coming up with ideas for Instagram Stories, taking pictures of the office, creating polls and discussions, and asking for music suggestions. I bet you’d like our IG account! We have plenty of hilarious music memes in there, why not go check them out right NOW?


Life goals achieved

A Content Creator also writes articles for the blog when the caffeine is still flowing. How fulfilling it is to finally be able to use my Humanities degree in my daily job. Reading and writing are the bread and butter of my life, so one can imagine how cool it is when I get to write about music. Although I’m not a pro musician like the transcribers in our team, I play bass guitar and go to jazz concerts pretty much every week.

#FunFact: I founded a teen all-girl rock band when I was 13. Still proud of the music we created, but I kind of wish they wouldn’t exist pictures of us in our gig outfits.


And, that’s all, folks!

As you can see, here at My Sheet Music Transcriptions we are all very versatile, and that’s what makes us special. So, stay tuned if you want to know more about the rest of our team! I’m sure they have exciting stuff to tell you.


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