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A day with My Sheet Music Transcriptions vol. 8 – Mauricio, Assistant Manager

HELLO! Long time no see! Have you missed us? Today we end our series of “A day with My Sheet Music Transcriptions”’ customer team! And last but not least… Mauricio!

So, who is he?

Alongside Júlia, he is a senior assistant manager and has been working with us for almost three years now! He works with us full time so he is well aware of each customer and makes sure to follow each of their cases carefully so everyone ends up happy 🙂 He starts working early every day and the first things he does are catching up and making sure there are no loose ends from the day before.

Having added three more assistant managers since he arrived at My Sheet Music Transcriptions, he especially enjoys training moments and discussing projects with his colleagues. Also, as an experienced and senior assistant manager, he likes to take any advantage to share his point of view or his approach on how to tackle complex situations.

Originally from Perú, he then came to Barcelona where he got a scholarship to study in Boston’s Berklee University! He got a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production and Sound Engineering. He came back and lives in a sunny city near the beach – exactly what he loves.

Bob the Builder

He also has a thing for renovations and he is officially our Bob the Builder! Anything falls down, breaks or fractures, there he is! Skirting boards, wall sockets, shelves, parquet flooring… ANYTHING!

Mr. GIFs!

He LOVES sending GIFs and he does that non-stop! Working at home since Covid-19 started has been a lot more fun with all his GIFs and we thank him for that!


#FunFact: In winter he always wears squared shirts, and basic T-shirts in summer. If he is not wearing any of these – ask him what’s wrong!


So that’s pretty much all for today

Stay tuned if you want to know more about our transcribers! Also, if you have any questions for Mauricio, leave them in the comments section and he’ll answer them himself!


A day with My Sheet Music Transcriptions vol. 8 – Mauricio, Assistant Manager





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