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About My Sheet Music Transcriptions

Hello! We are a team of 42 professional musicians with a wide range of academic backgrounds and many years of experience as arrangers, composers, transcribers, and stage performers.
Although we often work remotely, our headquarters are in Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain
The company was born in 2011 out of a significant need, detected by our founder Oriol, for a reliable score transcription service; a need for a place to turn to when you can’t find the score you are looking for anywhere else. During the early years, Oriol transcribed hundreds of scores for clients who were frustrated at not being able to find this seemingly easy-to-find music notation elsewhere. This solution of transcribing the music from scratch for them is where it all began.
My Sheet Music Transcriptions is the embodiment of this vision that started taking shape in 2011. It provides the service to English-speaking customers all over the world. Later, in 2018, Mis Transcripciones Musicales, Ma Partition Sur Mesure, and My Sheet Music Transcriptions Japan were created to provide the service in different languages to reach more people globally. 
The Customer Service and project management team is made up of 7 music specialists, all with extensive management experience and ample musical knowledge. We believe it is important to respond quickly and proficiently to all requests we receive. Even though we approach our work as that of an artisanal musician, we always make the client’s experience as smooth and convenient as possible. We also have three professionals dedicated solely to quality control, proof-editing, and team coordination.
Our team of transcribers includes 32 professionals with substantial musical careers and hundreds of transcriptions under their belts. Most of them work full time with us and combine this with their activities as renowned musicians and performers. Additionally, we also have the web design & tech  department, and the digital marketing team, all united under the same objective: to reach more musicians every day! 
By having such a competent and varied team of professionals, we always have the ideal transcriber ready to work on your project and deliver quickly if necessary. Most importantly, we make sure that only experienced jazz pianists work on jazz piano transcriptions, that only experienced guitarists handle guitar tabs, that only an experienced orchestrator and conductor handles symphonic orchestras, and so on with every other instrument, ensemble and genre.
We use Sibelius, Finale, Musescore, and the other leading music notation programs in the industry, but we do not use any automatic music transcription programs because they do not meet our quality standards. We believe that music has to be transcribed by musicians, patiently, meticulously, paying attention to every detail like a craftsman. To make 100% custom adaptations for any given instrument or instrumental ensemble, it is necessary to approach each project from scratch with the care that a composer would take when writing a new piece. After more than 32,000 transcriptions delivered in just a few years, this working ethos has proven to be the only way to provide excellent results that live up to your expectations.
Our goal is to provide scores of the highest quality to musicians all over the world. We believe in a world where all music can be written down and then performed as many times as desired.
We hope you like what we have built as much as we love transcribing your music.
Oriol – CEO & Founder

We are a team of 42 musicians, professional music transcribers, arrangers and music composers, and we have one thing in common: we are passionate about music. We are based in Barcelona, New York, Sydney and London and we work for customers from all over the world: mainly US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

My Sheet Music Transcriptions was born in 2011. It all started when Oriol, a young pianist from Barcelona, detected a quite common frustration among musicians:

“Oh, I wish there was sheet music for that…”

Our purpose is to help many musicians around the world who don’t have the skills – or the time –  to create their customized transcriptions and arrangements.

Since 2011 many wonderful musicians have joined our team and we are part of something special,  meaningful and useful.

friendly customer service and a talented group of music transcribers  have put together an easy solution to tackle an every-day-problem in the music industry.

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Our team

Friendly, professional team of musicians delivering exceptional transcriptions worldwide
Professional sheet music transcribers - Mauricio - Assistant Manager
Customer Service Manager
Professional sheet music transcribers - Albert - Assistant Manager
Music Specialist & Customer Service
Professional sheet music transcribers - Anandi - Assistant manager
Music Specialist & Customer Service
Professional sheet music ranscribers - Oriol - Guitar specialist
Customer Service Manager & Growth Lead
Maja - Assistant Manager
Team Coordinator
Music Specialist & Customer Service
Roc V. - Proof-editor and Catalog Specialist
Lead Music Editor & Operations Manager
Music Editor & Customer Support
David - Piano Transcriber & Copyist
Assistant Lead Music Editor & Developer
Professional sheet music transcribers - Eric - Piano specialist
Piano & Vocal Arranger
Professional sheet music transcribers - Marc - Piano specialist
Piano Jazz/Blues Transcriber
Professional sheet music transcribers - Gemma - Piano specialist
Piano Transcriber, Proof-editor
Professional sheet music transcribers - Joel - Piano Jazz specialist
Piano Jazz Transcriber
Pablo O. - Piano Transcriber
Piano Transcriber
Guillem S. - Bass transcriber
Bass Transcriber
Professional sheet music transcribers - Victor - Guitar specialist
Fingerstyle Guitar Transcriber
Professional sheet music transcribers - Joel R. - Fingerstyle Guitar specialist
Fingerstyle/Jazz Guitar Transcriber
Guitar transcriber & arranger
Piano & Guitar Transcriber
Professional sheet music transcribers - Sabas - Piano specialist
Piano Transcriber
Professional sheet music transcribers - Joan - Violin specialist
Violin & Strings Transcriber
Francesc: Strings & Ensembles Arranger | My Sheet Music Transcriptions
Strings & Ensembles Arranger
Joel - Piano Transcriber
Piano Transcriber
Piano & Vocal Transcriber
Piano Transcriber
Piano Transcriber
Professional sheet music transcribers - Oriol - Horns and Jazzist
Horns & Jazz Transcriber
Backoffice & Accounting
Professional sheet music ranscribers - Òscar - Drums specialist
Drums Transcriber
Professional sheet music transcribers - Elena - Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Lead
Social Media & Content Creator

What’s behind the scenes?

Some of us take care of responding your emails and incoming calls. Some others transcribe the music for you. Some others coordinate the whole process.

There is always an expert transcriber ready to work on your sheet music requests. We make sure that only a proficient jazz pianist works on your jazz piano transcriptions. We make sure that only a proficient fingerstyle guitar player works on your guitar tabs. And that applies to every instrument. We don’t use music transcription software – that doesn’t work at all. We transcribe every note by ear: one after the other. We believe that this is the only way to achieve an accurateprofessional result. 

We strive to provide the best quality sheet music transcriptions and customer service; we hope that you love what we are building as much as we do.

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