Who are we?

We are a team of music transcribers online that love helping other musicians. We’re based in Barcelona but we work for customers from all over the world: mainly US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.
My Sheet Music Transcriptions, formerly OLC Barcelona Music, was born in 2011. It all started when Oriol, a young pianist, arranger and transcriber from Barcelona, detected a quite common frustration among musicians:
“Oh, I wish there was sheet music for that…”
My Sheet Music Transcription‘s purpose is to help many musicians around the world who don’t have the skills – or the time –  to create their customized transcriptions and arrangements. 
Since 2012 many wonderful people have joined the team and they have all started a big family. A friendly customer service and a talented group of music transcribers have put together an easy solution to tackle an every-day-problem in the music industry.

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