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Art Dodds & Wendy Reece: A Friendship For Music

‘I had written music in my spare time over 40 years… Now, it has become much more than a hobby.’


Behind the Scores – Art Dodds & Wendy Reece: A Friendship for Music

Welcome back to Behind the Scores, the section where we’ll dive into our customers’ stories! In this post, we want to introduce Art Dodds—a seasoned American composer who has created hundreds of original compositions—and Wendy Reece, the owner of Page Printing, a copy center located in Lebanon (MO), which has over 70 years of history.

It all began when Wendy found My Sheet Music Transcriptions online while she was trying to help Art make his 100% handwritten music look more professional and printable.

We never used any other company – we have been extremely happy with your service and your product from the first piece we sent in!

Art Dodds (left) & Wendy Reece (right)


Art & Wendy’s Sheet Music Routine

Their journey with My Sheet Music Transcriptions dates back to 2021… over two years ago! It’s been so long that they’ve even settled a ‘Sheet Music Routine’:

  1. Art brings in a handwritten score. Then, Wendy scans it and sends it over to My Sheet Music Transcriptions, along with any written instructions that Art left.
  2. When it comes back, Wendy prints the PDF for Art to review and make corrections (or changes!).
  3. Once Art is happy with it, Page Printing stores the latest version into his permanent digital file on their computer.
  4. Art takes the printed copy home.


Once Art has ten or so with a similar theme digitized, he asks Page Printing to compile them into a bound book. They add a cover and table of contents, and bind it with plastic coil binding. Art has already made several of these books. His goal is to digitize and bind all the music that he has written.

As of today, My Sheet Music Transcriptions has digitized more than 70 songs for Art. Our musicians love working on his music, and hope to keep growing his catalog more and more for many years!


From Art to the World…

Art finds it easier to express himself in the form of a letter. And, at My Sheet Music Transcriptions, we are delighted to be part of this long and touching journey:


I believe God gives everyone one gift or more. Many people might believe that I should have dropped composing and put my best efforts into something else nonmusical. I didn’t, and I am glad. But since I developed it, I may be able to use it at some later stage. I did want it to look professional here and now, and, when I pass on, it might have a better chance of survival.

Art playing at the church

One day, walking down the main street in Lebanon, I saw Wendy’s business, and walked in. Later, this morphed into her discovering My Sheet Music Transcriptions in Barcelona, and all this set up to professionalize the music I had written in my spare time over 40 years. Now, it has become much more than a hobby.

I bought a piano and had it placed in the common room of my apartment house. People don’t mind my playing it–mostly pop music–and some have even come to like older show music, which I also enjoy. And I have become more proficient doing it! I believe that somehow God enjoyed the great composers as Beethoven and Tchaikovsky but also George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Harold Arlen. And this is where I am at.

At this point, I see a decline in music of feeling that is so important for the human condition–we’re getting too technical. And I just hope robotics don’t overwhelm feelings.

Sincerely Yours,

Art Dodds.

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