Sheet Music Transcriptions
for Music Artists

Focus on the creative side of things while sheet music is taken care of

Preserve and Expand Your Music

Our top-notch transcriptions create a lasting record of your songs and allow them to be played by your fans and followers.

Boost Visibility

Enhance your promotion efforts with versatile formats like sheet music books, art prints, expanding your reach and driving sales.

Piano & Vocal books (aka PVG) and piano solo arrangements are the most popular arrangement types. 

Sheet music piano book
Empower Learners | My Sheet Music Transcriptions

Empower Learners

Aspiring musicians and artists can glean insights from your work, broadening their horizons and fostering creativity.

Get amateur and not-so-amateur musicians from all over the world play your music with their instrument. 

Rehearsals and Live Performances

Transcriptions can also be useful in the creative process, recording sessions, and rehearsals of your gigs.

Auditions, session musicians, horn arrangements, a gig substitute that comes for one day, tight rhythm section arrangements. Everything is coordinated with sheet music. 

sheet music for rehearsals
Songwriting rehearsal

Safeguard Your Copyright

Sheet music is key for copyright protection.  A vocal lead sheet transcription with lyrics offers legal protection and allows you to register your songs to any copyright office.
Musicians who trust us

Despite working behind the scenes for major labels and publishers with worldwide impact and audiences, on this page you will only see our public collaborations with artists that have announced their MSMT endorsement.

Let's Unlock Your Music's Potential Together

Get advise from our team on how to achieve the best results. 

Preserve and expand your music with our top-notch sheet music transcriptions, increasing visibility and empowering learners while safeguarding your copyright. 

Enhance promotion efforts through versatile formats, and ensure smooth rehearsals and live performances. Unlock your music’s full potential and register your songs with confidence. 

Reasonable pricing options

Sheet music and digital music services might not be a priority for everyone, but we certainly do not let pricing get in the way.

We offer plenty of pricing options: 

  1. per-song basis
  2. monthly flat fees
  3. work-for-hire one-time projects
  4. revenue sharing
  5. bulk discounts for full albums
  6. tailored payment installments

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