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My Sheet Music Transcriptions at the Barcelona Music Tech Hub

My Sheet Music Transcriptions at the BMTH


We are pleased to introduce the Barcelona Music Tech Hub (BMTH), an esteemed network of which My Sheet Music Transcriptions proudly holds membership!

Through our affiliation to the BMTH, we can exchange ideas and projects with fellow companies in the European music industry. These include artists, educators, producers, editors, and more.

‘The members of BMTH are as diverse as the industry itself.’


About Barcelona Music Tech Hub (BMTH)

Barcelona Music Tech Hub

The Barcelona Music Tech (BMTH) serves as a collaborative and dynamic hub. Here, professionals, startups, investors, and developers converge to cultivate connections, exchange insights, and pool resources. All of it, geared towards the music technology sector.

Firstly, this pioneering initiative stands as a trailblazer in Southern Europe. It also has a unique position to drive innovation, foster expertise, and facilitate the digital evolution of the music industry.

Committed to nurturing creativity and embracing cutting-edge technology, the BMTH aims to establish itself as a global benchmark of excellence. Last but not least, it sets new standards for an industry poised for remarkable growth and transformation.

Further information about the BMTH can be found on its web page, as well as details about its members, their web pages, main goals and future events


BMTH Annual Assembly 2024

On April 11th, the BMTH held its Annual Assembly in Barcelona. The event provided a platform on which the various members of the hub had the opportunity to introduce themselves, share their most significant projects, and outline their upcoming objectives.

The BMTH will share all the details in the near future – stay posted for updates!

© BMTH annual assembly

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