It’s that time of the year again!

We tell you about our favorite Christmas traditions and you let us know about yours!


Top 2019 until the moment

Wanna know which artists have sold the highest number of albums so far this year?


Best Bass Riffs of all time

Do you have any favorites? We’ll give you ours. The forgotten one We do not intend to sound too dramatic, but it is true, the bass might go unnoticed for some people and that is quite a shame.


Getting ready for a Broadway audition

Most of those aspiring actors that wish to see their names up on a shiny, sparkling Broaday theatre marquee have to go through the painfully excrutiating process of auditioning.
Auditioning is hard: long waits, those big rooms packed with the executive and artistic team, lots of competition, uncertainty, facing all the “no”‘s…
But it might not be that hard if you follow our advice!


My Sheet Music Transcriptions’ playlist to getting through September

Hard as this might be, there is nothing else to do but to deal with it. And since we would love to help you out with the post-vacational blues, we are here to give you 5 songs that will help you find the perfect mood to face September. Song number one is, of course, no other than Wake Me Up When September

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