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About Gavin

Gavin Luke, an American composer and producer hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, is renowned for music that is an amalgamation of classical influences, film scores, and contemporary electronica. From an early age, Gavin was deeply immersed in the world of music. Such was his innate connection that his mother would use music to quell his childhood tantrums. He embarked on his musical journey at age 7, taking classical piano lessons and proudly continuing the musical legacy of his parents and grandmother.

As he grew, Gavin not only practiced classical pieces but also exhibited a penchant for reinventing them, frequently reinterpreting the works of maestros like Brahms and Mozart. His creative exuberance persisted as he explored various bands, diving deep into the intricacies of film scores. After honing his skills at Berklee College of Music, where he studied music synthesis and film scoring, Gavin relocated to LA to refine his craft in film music.

From 2010 onwards, he split his time between crafting personal compositions and producing music for films. In 2016, he released an impressive four albums and two singles, with his track “Delicate Transitions” amassing over 55 million Spotify plays. Subsequent years brought several EPs, singles, and billions of YouTube plays. A testament to Gavin’s authenticity is the fact that many of his compositions are recorded on his grandmother’s fully restored 1925 Steinway grand piano, resonating deeply with the online community.

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100% accuracy & Customer care

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We are a team of professional music transcribers and arrangers with proven experience in all types of music transcriptions. 

We manually transcribe each note one by one, by ear – no transcription software is used at all. It is a slow process but it delivers great results. This is why Gavin chooses us as his go-to sheet music services. Read more about us here.

Our goal is to provide scores of the highest quality to musicians all over the world. We believe in a world where all music can be written down and then performed as many times as desired.