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How do we transcribe piano music?

How do we transcribe piano music?

The process of manual transcribing starts when we need a song to transcribe or arrange. In order to offer professional services, we need professional transcribers.


In order to offer professional services, we need professional transcribers. Transcribing and arranging is a complicated and skillful process that requires a long time. Being a good musician takes years and years of instrument practice, lots of musical theory and a great ear training.

The process of manual transcribing starts when we get a song we are asked to transcribe or arrange for a customer, first we need to first listen to it thoroughly in order to get a general idea of the music: in which key is it being played, what is the structure of the song, the tempo, the style… After having listened to the song a few times and having all those aspects we just mentioned clear, the transcription begins. Once the structure of the song is clear we listen to it over and over again and with the help of a piano we start writing down the music. Every musical note is important and we don’t want to miss out on anything, that’s why we take all the time it takes so the transcription is a 100% accurate.

Some customers might want an easy arrangement of a difficult song because they don’t feel ready to play some of, for example, Chopin’s greatest pieces of work. That’s fine, we can do that. We capture the essence of the song and we offer a transcription with all the basic elements of the original song. It’s easy for us to adapt to the needs of every customer when we have professional transcribers working for us.

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