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Melissa Leslie: A Life Story Captured in Sheet Music

‘When MSMT sent me the first score I sat down to play it and it was 100% accurate. That moment was the realization of a long-held dream. I will never forget it!’


Behind the Scores – Melissa Leslie: A Life Story Captured in Sheet Music

Welcome to Behind the Scores, the section in which we’ll dive into our customers’ stories!

We’re delighted to introduce Melissa Leslie – an American pianist, composer, and recording artist. We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with her on crafting the sheet music for ‘Heart of a String’, a very special album.

Melissa Leslie


A Lifelong Musical Journey

‘I have been writing music for decades and have always thought in the back of my mind that I would love to see it on paper. When I first researched MSMT I decided to send one piece to ‘test it out’. I sent an audio of a piece called “The Homecoming” – a song I composed for a loved one who passed away.

Once MSMT sent me the score the first thing I did was sit down to play it and the score was 100% accurate. That moment was the realization of a long-held dream for me. It is a moment I will never forget!’


Musical storytelling – Melissa Leslie’s Music

Melissa’s musical journey began at a very young age, inspired by the Spanish lullabies her mother would sing and the gospel hymns from church. At the age of 6, of course, alongside her piano, Melissa embarked on a long and passionate musical journey that would never cease.

I consider all of my songs special, just because most of them are written for people I love who inspire me. One of the pieces I like best is The Music Box. I Wrote it after I held my nephew for the first time after he was born.

After completing her music studies, she explored the world of pop music. However, she soon realized that it couldn’t fulfill her. Years later, she finally returned to the piano. It was by reclaiming this instrument, her roots, that Melissa became a musical storyteller. Now, the significant experiences of her life have become inspirational compositions. Each one is unique. Each one is revealing. And all of them form Heart on a String.

Melissa Leslie


‘Heart on a String’ Comes to Life through Sheet Music

At MSMT, we’ve done our best to capture this inspiring story in the sheet music for every song on ‘Heart on a String’.

The sheet music is a direct reflection of the music I write. It allows me to share some of the most important moments of my life with other people. And the availability of the scores enhances the desire to share them. Once I share the scores with others, I find that it affects and inspires them in so many different ways.


The Spaniard: back to the roots

After so many musical emotions, we’ve had the honor of transcribing her latest creation: ‘The Spaniard’. This captivating piano solo piece, divided into two movements, stands out for its profound meaning and complexity.

Part of my mother’s family comes from Spain. The culture, the language, and even the food have always been a part of who I am. Spanish composers have always been some of my favorites.

The My Sheet Music Transcriptions team has been an integral part of my continued progression. My thoughts were what better way to honor and thank someone than to write a piece specifically for them? When people inspire you for whatever reason, they expand your universe!

Melissa Leslie


‘When I think of it, I’ve been writing music my whole life. Songwriting is my passion. Every step of the process leads me to a greater understanding of who I am and how I want to connect with others’.

– Melissa Leslie

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