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Music’s DNA digested for MIR applications

Who are we?

Musicians. Musicians who learned how to code.
The #1 digital music notation service online for the music industry.



Music notation solutions for music companies and musicians. Paired audio sources with digitized symbolic data.


To help preserve, utilize, and boost musical brilliance.
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Via reliable human-labeled annotations through hands-on expertise and commitment to quality.

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Why does it matter?

Because music' notation conveys
music's DNA

Music annotations

Original audio source synchronization & pairing

Chord symbols

bar“: 1,
chord“: “G”,
timecode“: 4.361395139236,
beat“: 1.0
bar“: 3,
chord“: “Bm7”,
timecode“: 9.18968890272,
beat“: 9.0

Music XML

<measure number=”12″ width=”176″>
<direction placement=”above”>
<words>Timecode: 12.44 sec</words>
<rest measure=”yes” />


word“: ” If”,
start“: 11.06,
end“: 12.74
word“: ” you’re”,
start“: 12.74,
end“: 14.42

Boost your music research,
enhance your product

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Gain a competitive edge by leveraging our invaluable dataset of 40,000+ digital transcriptions, and most importantly, our manpower: an available team of 40+ full-time professional music notation experts.


“If you don’t have your own unique dataset, you have no chance to compete in the long term. Your prompt engineering […] will be quickly reverse-engineered. […] Only your dataset which you spent millions of hours labeling […] will guarantee your long-term business strategy.”

Andriy Burkov

Author of “The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book” and “The Machine Learning Engineering Book”
My Sheet Music Transcriptions - All sheet music formats

Developing high-trust relationships

We have partnered with game-changing music companies globally that rely on us to tackle their daily music challenges. We are proud partners of:

We pride ourselves on offering the best music notation services out there, and our customers' reviews prove it.

Our solution

Human-annotated music data for contemporary music tech companies and musicians.
The perfect blend of musicianship and music information retrieval.

Your Benefits

  • Inform your systems with high-quality music data pipelines.
  • Enhance your product musically and technically.
  • Enlarge your catalog with reliable material.
  • Sort out the challenges, untangle your music knowledge-related bottlenecks

Why Choose Us?

  • We bring out reliable music solutions and services for music tech.
  • We align with your requirements musically and technically.
  • No other company combines such balanced musical knowledge with cutting-edge technology understanding.

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