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Movies and Musicals. What should come first?

Which do you prefer?

I do not think I am the only one who likes musicals. Some people give you a weird look when you said you like musicals, but there is no shame in liking them! Not everything is about “High School Musical” or “Annie”. There are musicals for all kind of tastes.

Today I want to know how much do you like movies that turn into stage musicals or vice versa. What do you think? I have chosen 5:

1. Les Miserables

Being one of the most popular musicals ever, it was about time it was turned into a movie a few years ago in 2012. In order to keep the essence of a stage piece, the actors sang all the songs live. To me, the results of the movie are doubtful. Was Hugh Jackman a convincing Jean Valjean? I have seen both the stage musical and the movie, and I have no doubt in choosing the stage musical first. Although, I need to give some credit to the movie because this final number is amazing.

2. Moulin Rouge

Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor are more than perfect in the movie. Everybody loves Moulin Rouge’s Elephant Love Medley, and everybody loves watching a movie with two leads that are not pros at musicals but have such dignity in defending their roles. The eclecticism and great mix of styles make impossible for somebody to dislike this movie. Now it is heading towards the stage in Boston and probably Broadway. We are going to have to see how this turns out…

The Millennial generation grew up watching Matilda and her awful father wonderfully played by Danny Devito. I was quite shocked when I found out it was going to be a stage musical, but I was instantly convinced after watching a number of the show called “Revolting Children

3. Matilda

The Millennial generation grew up watching Matilda and her awful father wonderfully played by Danny Devito. We were quite shocked when we found out it was going to be a stage musical, but instantly convinced after watching a number of the show.

4. West side story

One cannot be a fan of Leonard Bernstein’s masterpiece and not be crazy about the Quintet. The run-up towards the big fight between Jets and Sharks; I Capuleti e i Montecchi; Tony and Maria; Bernardo and Anita. There had been a few Broadway versions of West Side Story, but none of them as good as the original musical movie. Therefore, the movie wins again.

4. Mamma mia!

Mamma Mia! is both a blast to see on stage and at the movie theater. I remember the summer it came out and I saw it up to three times! As a result of the big success of the original movie, this summer Here We Go Again is premiering as the second part of the famous musical with more ABBA songs.

So, musical theatre or musical movies? What do you all think?


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