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Music Practice FAQs: Answered

Finding the Perfect Practice Routine for YOU Like any other skill or activity, music takes patience, time, and most of all, practice.

Music tips

5 Tips to Help You Write AMAZING Songs!

5 Tips to Help You Write AMAZING Songs! Have you ever imagined that you could write a song? Have you already done so? Take your craft to the next level!

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The Nashville Numbers System

The pro’s secret that will LEVEL UP your music understanding   The Nashville Numbers System: what makes it the pro’s choice?

Musescore vs Finale vs Sibelius - Comparison Table
Music facts

MuseScore vs Finale vs Sibelius

Which program is better? Sibelius, Finale, or MuseScore?   If you’re used to working with music notation software you might have heard the name MuseScore – and if you haven’t, have you been living under a rock? Will MuseScore surpass Finale and Sibelius?

5 Guitar Riffs Every Beginner Should Learn
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5 Guitar Riffs Every Beginner Should Learn

For many novice guitar players, chords remain the sole focus of their practice sessions. Guitar riffs are a great addition, as they give you the satisfaction of learning a new song, whilst being easy to master and fun to play around friends.

2021 Top albums
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2021 Top Albums

With such great new releases, 2021 has flown by! 😯✨ Here is a list of some of the most influential albums of the year we’ve left behind.🔝 We’ll keep coming back to them. Some are classics already! 🎵


New Partnership: Jellynote and Play!

As transcribers, our goal is to create sheet music that is easy to read and interpret. We think it would be great to provide our customers with a very large library of sheet music […]

Partnership with Cantamus

New partnership: Cantamus!

We are very happy to announce our recent partnership with VoctroLabs and their exciting new project! […]

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Finale vs Sibelius

So, the time has finally come? We need to talk about the two rulers of music notation, the ones that have stayed at the top for multiple decades now. […]

6 music practice tips for 2021 - My Sheet Music Transcriptions
Music tips

6 music practice tips for 2021

Learning a musical instrument can be hard… Here you have 6 tips to help you get better results in 2021! […]