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Music facts

Best Bass Riffs of all time

Do you have any favorites? We’ll give you ours. The forgotten one We do not intend to sound too dramatic, but it is true, the bass might go unnoticed for some people and that is quite a shame.

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Relaxing piano pieces

We give you five relaxing and beautiful songs to play during the quarantine and everyday! […]

Behind the scenes

Covid-19 update

We want to update you regarding our response to the COVID-19 state of affairs.

Music days!

Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is here! Instead of stuffed Teddy bears, we have a more original idea for you! Read more to find out! […]

Our music rankings

Top 2019 until the moment

Wanna know which artists have sold the highest number of albums so far this year? […]

Our favorites

Joey Alexander: a child prodigy

Yes, you read it well, Joey Alexander is a child prodigy. He was only 8 years old when he played for a UNESCO ambassador during his trip to Indonesia […]

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Our favorites

Why do we love Horace Silver

How could we not love Horace Silver? To those of you who do not know him, he was a jazz pianist, composer, […]

My sheet music transcriptions service blog - Pasek and Paul
Our favorites

Pasek and Paul

If you haven’t heard these two names in the last 12 months… there is something wrong with you! […]

Our favorites


It was about time that we talked about Despacito. Please raise your hand if you have not listened to this song. […]

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André Previn: the top 4

Our favorite moments of André Previn. It is never easy writing about one of the greatest pianists of our time. […]

Music facts

Digital piano vs acoustic piano

The answer to the second question could be obvious, but there are a lot of factors to be considered. Let’s find five! […]

Music tips

Piano exam! Argh!

It’s normal to feel nerves when you know you will have an exam or an audition soon. […]

Scales - Pic
Music facts

Scales: Major scale vs Minor scale

One of the first things you learn about music is that there are two different main scales in Western music: the major scale and the minor scale, […]

Popular sheet music - Hallelujah
Our music rankings

2017’s most popular sheet music

Dear US readers, this article is for you. We want to tell you which is the most popular sheet music in every state! […]