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Frustration - Boy Playing Piano
I keep practicing but my fingers won’t answer!! Deal with frustration
We have all feel that kind of frustration, when you practice for hours and hours and the only result you
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Learning a new song - Piano Cat
Learning a new song on piano. How do I start?
When you learn a new song, the first thing you need to know is that it won’t be either easy
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Film Soundtrack - titanic
Film soundtracks: friends or enemies?
What about when you are very sad and you can almost hear the violins playing a very dramatic melody? You
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Popular sheet music - Hallelujah
2017’s most popular sheet music
From the east coast to the west coast, you are going to discover US’s favorites according to our friends from MusicNotes that
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Impossible Sheet Music - Keep Calm
The almost impossible sheet music to play
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, today we are dealing with some serious stuff. During all the previous blogs we’ve been encouraging people to
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Discover New Music - Headphones
How to discover new music every day
Ah… I don’t think I will ever get over the moment when I discover new music. I play them on
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Piano On LaLaLand - LaLaLand Cover
5 fun facts about the piano on La La Land
Do you want to know 5 fun facts about the piano on La la land? We thought so!
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Piano Tutorial - finished
3 steps to learn a song with a piano tutorial
Playing piano has never been easier. Internet has made everything a lot more accessible and we’re very happy about it
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Msmt bbq - Team
My Sheet Music Transcriptions BBQ!
Every now and then we all need a day off, and we (My Sheet Music Transcriptions team) had fun a
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Improve Piano Skills - Pyano Player
5 ways to improve your piano playing skills
I think we will all agree that playing the piano is no easy job. It might look simple, but the
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