Conductor’s Score vs. Individual Parts

Have you ever noticed there is a difference between the conductor and musicians’ scores in an orchestra or ensemble? Are you familiar with the terminology individual parts and conductor’s/full score? Don’t worry, today we’ll break it down for you.  

Concert Pitch vs Playing Pitch

Concert pitch vs playing pitch can be a challenge to understand, but don’t worry: today well try to explain it and make it clear for you!

Best Bass Riffs of all time

Do you have any favorites? We’ll give you ours. The forgotten one We do not intend to sound too dramatic, but it is true, the bass might go unnoticed for some people and that is quite a shame.

Scales: Major scale vs Minor scale

Scales - Pic

One of the first things you learn about music is that there are two different main scales in Western music: the major scale and the minor scale Today, let’s deal with a specially relevant topic in music: the major scales vs the minor scales!