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Music Gateway: 360° Services for Artists, Musicians & Composers

Music Gateway: Services for Artists, Musicians & Composers

Your Gateway to the Music Industry


Being a musician can be one of the most challenging pursuits you could ever choose. Why? Because on top of learning the ins and outs of music theory, notation, composition, arrangement, performance, and alike, you have to master the industry side of things.

Distribution, publishing, recording, producing, mastering, synching, collecting, and a list that goes on and on.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you are knee-deep in this daunting venture. Congratulations! You decided to take the high road, and now you’ve set yourself up for quite an adventure.

Of course, the rewards of this noble cause are directly proportional to the struggles of the path, and who doesn’t like music in the first place?



Luckily, like in any good story, allies will come to find you and help you through every new turn. Other artists, producers, fans, colleagues, and professionals from the industry are surely already part of your safety net. Among the latter, you’ve already met us.

My Sheet Music Transcription is always there for any music writing, song arrangement, or instrument practice needs you may have. Today we are introducing you to your new ally for the journey, Music Gateway. Trust us, they can take your music career to the next level!


Who Is Music Gateway?

Music Gateway is a global music platform offering 360° artist services to composers, producers, independent musicians, and recording artists. From sync licensing and distribution to artist development and music promotion, they offer everything an artist needs to get heard and progress in the music industry.

With a dedicated team working passionately to provide products and services, MG helps create a level playing field of opportunity and productivity for musicians and singers worldwide.



With unique solutions and cutting-edge technology, the Music Gateway platform is a one-stop service that saves time, improves quality, increases opportunity, and offers everything an artist needs to create, publish, distribute, and promote their music.

Starting with a dream in a back garden shed in 2011, Music Gateway now works with some of the biggest brands in the creative industries, as well as the best up-and-coming talent across the world to help their projects go from dream to reality.


What Are The Key Features Of Music Gateway?

Music Distribution

Music Gateway offers a comprehensive music distribution service and can help you distribute your music for free to various different streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many more. And the best part of the service is that you keep 100% of your royalties. You can’t argue with that for a spectacular deal!

Plus there is a range of free tools available to artists, including free mastering, so your song sounds great before its release. They also offer a free Artist Website service, where users can create a simple one-page website to showcase their work and brand. You can also release your music on Vinyl with their new vinyl pressing service.


Music Gateway Icon: 360º Services for Artists, Musicians & Composers


The way you release a song couldn’t be easier. You upload your song, provide a few details and then it is ready for release. Music Gateway can even provide a UPC code if you don’t have one. If you have worked with other distributors in the past, you can easily just transfer your music over to them and start to save money with every listen.

Music Gateway provides a free IMB anti-piracy service, which helps protect your music and your earnings on every stream/download with automatic takedowns of illegal copies. At Music Gateway, there will be exclusive opportunities and promotions from our network, and will provide you with exclusive tools to create Spotify playlists to get your music played. They also offer exclusive sync licensing opportunities and representation and there is even a free artist page to help promote you to A&R reps and new fans.



Sync Licensing – Across Film, TV, and Games

Music licensing (sync) is a great revenue stream, generating sync fees & backend royalties. It’s no wonder it’s become a primary focus for a lot of indie artists these days.

Music Gateway offers the service of sync licensing your music to be used in film and TV, games, and adverts for independent artists, working with companies like The BBC, Netflix, ITV, Dreamworks Pictures, and many more. 

All you need to do is create an account, upload your music, and submit your songs to the creative licensing team. They work directly with music supervisors placing music on media daily. They also help you find songwriters and composers for your productions and can have bespoke music compositions and music productions made to your exact requirements. 

With music supervision, consultation, and tailored budgets, you can find the best songwriters and composers to bring your vision to life. Music Gateway represents your music for sync as an agency via the sync platform, and can also work with you to promote and pitch your music to music supervisors working across TV, film & games with their Sync Promo campaigns.

This presents your work to key professionals and can help increase the opportunity of securing placements.


Music Publishing

As your publishing administrator, Music Gateway will collect the “Publisher’s Share” of all your streamed music, and pass that directly on to you from the likes of Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

  • Music Gateway offers instant music publishing with no set-up cost and no long-term contracts. 
  • There will be a commission structure with a rate as low as 0% depending on your account plan. 
  • Register your music directly with royalty organizations in over 150 countries.
  • Earn royalties from your past and present live performances.
  • Offers YouTube Monetization and collection at no extra cost.




Music Promotion

Music Gateway is known for its Music Promotion services. As Spotify Preferred Providers, they really will make sure that your music is heard and deliver real and tangible results, by using trusted industry and innovative marketing techniques. 

With a team of world-leading music marketing companies, businesses, radio and TV stations – many of them musicians themselves – so they know their stuff and can accelerate your marketing, and drive real fan engagement and growth. 

Working alongside Spotify music curators worldwide to get your music listened to and Music Gateway does this on a very individual basis depending on the artist they work with. Their trusted connections made with powerful influencers and decision-makers are ones that you can depend on.

  • Spotify promotion services – playlist pitching to targeted playlist curators, optimization, organic growth in streams, monthly listeners, and followers
  • Music video promotion – focusing on YouTube & social media marketing, they use in-depth keyword targeting for guaranteed organic views, driving traffic to your video destination.
  • TikTok Promotion – to get your music heard and shared with influencers and in TikTok videos around the world.
  • Music PR and Music Marketing – with press releases and social media campaigns to help grow your fanbase and build your brand.
  • Social Media digital marketing – Music Gateway work across social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube to deliver targeted advertising campaigns that engage targeted audiences. 
  • Radio Promotion  – their dedicated team of radio pluggers helps you get your music played on radio stations, whatever your genre, with specific genres covered across THE UK, USA, Europe, and Australia
  • Music PR, Press & Blogs –  In order to grow your fanbase, music pr campaigns help you get music reviews and features in magazines, music blogs, and support from music journalists.


Music Management & Artist Development Program

Artist Development is about discovering your next steps as an artist to see where you can elevate further to push to the next level. From working with industry professionals to improve your songwriting or production or looking at your branding to utilize what sets you apart from the crowd.

Or maybe you just want help to level up your promotional efforts by finding what makes you unique.

Music Gateway’s dedicated team of artist managers can elevate your career to the next level through music management and their experienced industry artist development managers can help you grow and evolve as an artist. 

In conclusion, if you are an artist seeking to expand on your craft and get your music heard, the range of services available at Music Gateway has everything you need to elevate, distribute, publish, promote, and launch your music into the stratosphere.


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