Getting ready for a Broadway audition

Most of those aspiring actors that wish to see their names up on a shiny, sparkling Broaday theatre marquee have to go through the painfully excrutiating process of auditioning.
Auditioning is hard: long waits, those big rooms packed with the executive and artistic team, lots of competition, uncertainty, facing all the “no”‘s…
But it might not be that hard if you follow our advice!

Piano exam! Argh!

It’s normal to feel nerves when you know you will have an exam or an audition soon. However, there are ways to reduce the panic. Do you want to know more? I could not count on how many piano exams I’ve gone through! I can still feel the nerves, the sweaty hands, my arms shaking… […]

Scales: Major scale vs Minor scale

Scales - Pic

One of the first things you learn about music is that there are two different main scales in Western music: the major scale and the minor scale Today, let’s deal with a specially relevant topic in music: the major scales vs the minor scales!

I keep practicing but my fingers won’t answer!! Deal with frustration

Frustration - Boy Playing Piano

Today I want to tell you how we deal with frustration. The word frustration itself makes you want to leave the instrument aside and jump right inside of the bed. Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution We have all feel that kind of frustration, when you practice for hours and hours and the only result […]