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My Sheet Music Transcriptions now available in German

My Sheet Music Transcriptions: German web out now!

We’ve got exciting news for our German customers at My Sheet Music Transcriptions! You can now browse our website in English, Spanish, French, Japanese… and we’re thrilled to add German to our language selection!


My Sheet Music Transcriptions German web

#1 sheet music transcription service online

My Sheet Music Transcriptions specializes in the craft of transforming audio files, YouTube videos, movies, and various formats into meticulously transcribed scores. We work with any type of musical genre, all types of instruments and ensembles, and all possible levels, providing accurate and high-quality sheet music.

All the scores are carefully transcribed note-for-note!

In addition to transcriptions, we also offer musical arrangements, digitization, music engraving, and even audio production services.


Our musicians

Our diverse team of over 40 professional musicians hails from around the globe, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. With a commitment to artisanal precision, we all work to make our customer’s experience as smooth and convenient as possible.

Services for musicians - My Sheet Music Transcriptions


Why My Sheet Music Transcriptions?

The reasons that lead our clients to hire My Sheet Music Transcriptions’ services are many and diverse, such as:

  • Obtaining scores never created before – or not available anywhere else!
  • Sharing their own music with other musicians and fans.
  • Learning new music.
  • Playing or enjoying different versions of their favorite tunes at home.
  • Preserving the scores from physical deterioration and disappearance.
  • Adapting the music to a particular instrumental ensemble and difficulty level.
  • And countless reasons!


Contact us now!

We are your best online music transcription service, at your disposal to bring your melodies to life.

Don’t keep that music locked away in your head; reach us out and let’s make it a reality! Feel free to get in touch with us through our website.

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