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New Partnership with Glissandoo

Glissandoo: Upgrade Your Music Ensemble Management, Forever

The tool that is revolutionizing the management of music ensembles

Managing a music ensemble is never an easy task to undertake. As with any human group, communication, logistics, and technical issues can be very challenging to coordinate. Small formations have a hard time because they usually lack the human and economic resources to invest in their administration.

Ironically enough, bigger organizations don’t have it easier. As much as their resources grow, so does the complexity of their logistics. All in all, we know such efforts can be heavy burdens on these organizations, and keep their energies away from the common goal of making more and better music altogether.

Responding to this need, the People at Glissandoo have created an app that will help you keep track of your choir, orchestra, or band more efficiently than ever before. It’s an all-in-one solution that will make your tasks easier and allow you to focus your efforts back on what matters to you.


Take a peek at their website at https://glissandoo.com/. When reaching out, let them know we’ve worked with you before. They are good friends of ours and we’re sure they’ll be happy to know so!

● The music platform, which over 4,000 music ensembles in over 59 countries are using already, has revolutionized the industry.
● Users of the platform have already reported improved time savings in administrative tasks, higher attendance rates, and a closer connection with the group.


There is no doubt that music is a universal language that unites people of all ages and cultures. For some of them, music represents a way of life practiced daily through musical groups such as marching bands, choirs, and orchestras. In fact, it is estimated that one in six people in the world are actively involved in music.

According to the European Choral Association, there are more than one million choral ensembles with an average of 37 choristers on the European continent alone. According to Chorus America, one in six American adults sings in a choir. These figures give us perspective on the power and capacity of music to bring people together on stage.



The problem of leadership in bands and choirs

However, leading a community of musicians, such as a band or choir, is not an easy task. “The directors of musical groups have to assume multiple responsibilities ranging from the organization of rehearsals to the preparation of repertoire or communication between members,” says Onofre Gasent, trumpet player and co-founder of Glissandoo. “We estimate that leading a musical group of more than 20 members means investing more than 260 hours a year in management tasks.” So how will this app help your needs?


Time-saving and attendance encouragement

“As musicians, we are aware of the many challenges faced by boards of directors,” says Ximo Mompó, percussionist and co-founder of the company. “We have created a solution that saves time on repetitive tasks as well as encourages attendance and study on the part of musicians.”

According to the company’s survey, six out of ten groups claim to have increased their rehearsal attendance after implementing the solution. Glissandoo incorporates functionalities for communication between musicians, calendars, repertoire, roll call, and much more.


Artificial intelligence to classify the repertoire

Among the platform’s most outstanding functionalities is an automatic repertoire classifier. “We have created an AI algorithm that allows us to classify hundreds of pages into their corresponding instruments in a few seconds,” says Ximo, “If any musical group is in the process of digitizing its repertoire, Glissandoo is the ideal tool for them”. Additionally, they’ve partnered with yours truly, My Sheet Music Transcriptions, which is their go-to partner for music notation processing.


The importance of communication with musicians

The application also works on communication between members of the group through statistics and curiosities. “By using Glissandoo, the musicians of any musical group will have access to their performance history,” Onofre comments.

“If I had Glissandoo when I started playing in the band at the age of 12, right now I would know how many rehearsals I attended, what repertoire I played, and how many concerts I participated in. I think it’s an interesting and motivating factor for any musician, as it gives insight into one’s progress.”

You can start a free trial from the website www.glissandoo.com. The platform has different price ranges depending on the number of members and a free lifetime plan.

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