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New Partnership with Music 4 Humans

Introducing Our New Partnership with Music 4 Humans


We’re excited to announce our partnership with Music 4 Humans, an online music school that draws on global musical experiences to offer personalized and flexible learning opportunities.

Together, we’re creating a comprehensive musical ecosystem where My Sheet Music Transcriptions users will have access to a top-notch educational service. Online lessons in composition, theory, and a range of instruments will be available to them for all ages and ability levels, taught by professional musicians and top-rated instructors from around the world.

Music 4 Humans
© Music 4 Humans


About Music 4 Humans

Music 4 Humans works to foster global connections via the universal language of music. Their goal is clear. Thanks to making the rich fabric of global musical traditions available to all, they have created a lively community where people value and appreciate musical variety.

They enable people to find, share, and develop their musical abilities using cutting-edge technology and enthusiastic educators. The result is outstanding: a world of harmony enhanced by the diversity of sounds.

Louis-Pier Racicot, founder of Music 4 Humans, defines himself as ‘a visionary. Who sees music as a profound force for uniting humanity’.

‘Music 4 Humans aspires to cultivate a world where every musical note inspires connection and every melody celebrates diversity.’

Louis Racicot © Music 4 Humans


New Musical Horizons: Our Partnership

The core values of Music 4 Humans and My Sheet Music Transcriptions are very similar. Both organizations believe in the added value of bringing music into people’s lives and the joy it can foster. Together, we are committed to creating an environment where everyone, from beginners to seasoned musicians, can explore, learn, and grow their passion for music.

We also find that our services are complementary: global music education and musical exploration, alongside customized sheet music and digital music services. My Sheet Music Transcriptions provides bespoke sheet music solutions, making it easy to learn and play one’s favorite tunes. On the other hand, Music 4 Humans empowers students and teachers through personalized online music lessons. 

We offer together an inclusive musical environment where users can refine their skills. Also, you will be able to discover new genres, and access high-quality, tailor-made resources.

A whole world for you to explore!


Benefits for My Sheet Music Transcriptions users

Music 4 Humans | My Sheet Music Transcriptions partner
© Music 4 Humans

Thanks to the partnership with Music 4 Humans, My Sheet Music Transcriptions users will get connected with high-quality educational services, through personalized and flexible learning opportunities.

You will have access to lessons for all ages and skill levels in composition, theory, a variety of instruments… And much more! In this way, you will easily find a teacher who fits your needs perfectly. And accompany you in your musical learning, enriching your life through music.


Don’t hesitate to start looking for your ideal teacher! Music 4 Humans can be reached through its website, YouTube Channel, or social media.

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