There are pricing options for every budget.


$15 USD

per minute of music

*$49 USD minimum charge per order

Our rates are based on:

1. Instrumentation

2. Difficulty

3. Song length

4. Music density and complexity

Every transcription is different and our prices reflect the time and skill required to transcribe the music.

The more instruments and the longer or more complex a piece is, the longer it takes to transcribe. The simpler and more schematic the required notation can be, the less time it takes. 

Check out the pricing guides below or request a proposal.

Pricing chart for piano

Pricing chart for other instruments

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Regular customers - My Sheet Music Transcriptions

Regular customers

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Custom payment installment options

Are you looking at a large project?

If you can’t commit or pay for the full project at once, let our team know and we will find the best payment solution for you.

Our options include: 50-50% payments, PayPal 3 or 4 installments options, dividing the project in batches that you can afford, and others.

Is the price quote too much for you?

Don’t worry. Make sure you’re requesting only the necessary notation and instruments. 

Tell our team to get started with just a portion of the song or the project, and let’s take things at a pace that works for you.