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Valentine’s Day

What have you planned for Valentine’s Day 2020?

New year, new decade, new music… BUT, Valentine’s Day is Valentine’s day and it remains the same every year. Isn’t it your favorite day of February? February is short but intense and we LOVE it!

Traditionally, when the 14th of February approaches, we all think of the perfect present to our partners. We could think of stuffed bears, chocolate boxes or cheesy love declarations. But let’s be original this year: if you are a musician but you still don’t know which songs you will perform on Valentine’s Day, stop worrying because we are here for you!

We have put together a few songs for you. Some of them are all-time classics and some of them might surprise you! Keep reading to find out!

Are you ready for our top favorite romantic songs?

First of all, we will start with one of the most romantic and seductive songs there are. Any guesses? Yes, of course it is Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game. One cannot become indifferent when that song is on. In this case, we would like to offer you a piano accompaniment arrangement we did for that song that will allow you to play it and sing it at the same time! You and whoever listens to it will melt right at the first bar of the song. Get the tissues ready!

And now maybe some of you will say reeeaally??, and some of you will go nuts when you hear it but it’s just that we could not celebrate Valentine’s Day without My Heart Will Go On. We all know this song but this piano solo arrangement that includes the sung part is just beautiful. If you pay attention. you will also see that it is the classic song from Titanic with a twist. It might not be for everybody, but it surely is interesting to listen to. Let us know what you think of this version!

And now sit tight, because we are going from the Atlantic to the Caribbean! Yes, I am going to Jamaica, and I could not be speaking of any other song by Is This Love by the late and missed Bob Marley. Valentine’s Day might be romantic and also cheesy, but you can also spice it up with this Jamaican reggae! Get some friends or your partner together, a couple of beers, a keyboard, and the night is yours!

What do you think of our piano version of Is This Love? It’s definitely something different but still enjoyable!

And now let’s go from reggae to jazz! Jazz is the perfect style for any mood that you might be in. Love, joy, sorrow… But today it will be, obviously love. We have found for you a lovely version of I Fall In Love Too Easily. This version is great for both beginners and experienced jazz piano players. The fact that it is an accompaniment will allow you to clearly see and hear all the jazz voicings. Also, if you have any musician friends, they will be able to play this song together with you!

And the last one for today

And to finish the most romantic day of the year, we chose this beautiful song for all of you. Its message is crystal clear and it couldn’t be truer. Can anyone guess which song are we talking about? Yes…? YES! All you need is love. And isn’t it true?

It’s easy, all you need is love. And music! And good friends to play along with.

Lots of love and good music to everybody!


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